January 2009


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You've got personality. Let it guide you to the right business.

You've got personality. Let it guide you to the right business.

You may have a passion for entrepreneurship, but if you don’t take core personality traits into account, your new venture could be destined for failure. Your personality traits will help you select the best industry and that will help you weather adversity during start-up process, according to business psychologist.

Here are common personality types and their best business bets.

Not content in an office in front of a computer or working solo from home, you’ll be happiest out among clients and colleagues. You’d likely flourish in sales, teaching, consulting businesses that require interaction. Consider any business that involves networking, marketing, and interaction

  • Real estate sales
  • Catering
  • Management or executive recruiting
  • Public relations or marketing
  • ♦ ♦ ♦

    Is working from the privacy of home your dream scenario? Then an e-business or online business is your ideal option – and you don’t need to be technologically sophisticated to get online business going. But you need to be a good decision-maker, self-sufficient and able to play multiple roles.

  • Information marketing
  • Online store
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • ♦ ♦ ♦

    You feel best when helping others. Many entrepreneurs who don’t have strictly “nurturing” businesses are satisfied with nurturing and mentoring employees, but nurturers sometimes allow themselves to be taken advantage of, so balance the nurturing with toughness and authority.

  • Massage or spa
  • Restaurant
  • Transportation services
  • Courier services
  • ♦ ♦ ♦

    Night owls do well in home-based businesses, independent consultant roles, call center and business process outsourcing services allowing them to work when they’re most productive, normally in the wee hours.

  • Call centers
  • Security service
  • Food stalls and stores operating or catering late-shift operations
  • Secretarial or administrative support services
  • ♦ ♦ ♦

    Unpredictable income and uncertainties about the future will be stressful. Especially these trying times of financial crisis. Try making a gradual transition from full-time employment to entrepreneurship, and focus on low-risk ventures. Consider businesses that will lessen your anxiety.

  • Yoga school
  • Gym and aerobics center
  • Manufacturer or marketer of stress-reducing products
  • ♦ ♦ ♦

    You’re best-suited to fast-paced, challenging and constantly changing activities. Businesses that require physical exertion and travel are also a goot match for you. But stay away from solo work-at-home options.

  • Adventure-travel coordinator
  • Personal trainer
  • Telemarketer
  • Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan

    Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan

    Just in time for those financial New Year’s Resolutions, Suze Orman will help you start 2009 off right with her new book Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan. Topics covered in this book include: credit, real estate, retirement investing, paying for college, spending, saving and protecting your family. Suze’s website will also feature up-to-the-minute reports on policies of the new administration. Regardless of whether you live paycheck to paycheck or have a nice little bit of cushion (lucky you), Orman’s guide has pithy, up-to-date advice for you.

    Until January 15th, Oprah is offering a free download of Suze Orman’s latest book at oprah.com/download. Orman’s book, which normally goes for $9.99. Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan is available in both English and Spanish for PC and Mac users. Visit Oprah.com to get started.

    Learn more about Financial Advisor Suze Orman in her short biography here.

    Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer reveals details of Windows 7 in a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

    Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer reveals details of Windows 7 in a speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

    Personally, I’m still using Windows XP SP3, both at home and at work. Well, I don’t have a choice here at work. Even when we purchased a new set of quad core workstation late last year, we needed to downgrade the bundled Vista to XP to avoid network conflicts.

    Windows Vista has 3 short answers for users to upgrade. New features, improved secucity, and better overall user experience. But we also know how poorly Windows Vista performs as compared to Windows XP but have you ever wondered how the early beta of Windows 7 stacks up against the two? Maybe Windows 7 has what it takes to make us upgrade….

    ZDNet’s Hardware 2.0 guru Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, rose to the challenge and has put Windows 7 build 6956 up against Vista SP1, Vista RTM (the original and worst version), and Windows XP SP3 in three benchmarks: boot time performance, Passmark Performance Test 6.1, and Cinebench R10.

    Not surprisingly, Windows Vista SP1 blew the doors off its RTM ancestor, but was similarly run off the road by Windows 7, which also made Windows XP SP3 eat its dust in virtually every test. The only test in which Windows XP SP3 held off its two-generation newer rival was in the OpenGL version of the Cinebench R10 benchmark. If this performance level continues until Windows 7 sees the light of day sometime next year, Windows 7 users will be very happy, and Windows XP diehards who have resisted “Mojave” will finally upgrade.

    Windows 7 Beta Download: Where to Find It

    The Microsoft Windows 7 beta download can be found here. If you’re thinking about downloading it, you might want to do so sooner than later — the beta is being offered only to the first 2.5 million users who snag the file.

    As with any beta software, the standard disclaimers apply: Windows 7 beta is meant only for advanced computer users who are willing and able to look for bugs and help provide feedback on any issues that arise. Microsoft recommends you use it only on a secondary computer dedicated to testing the software. There is also no direct technical support available, and you may encounter some compatibility issues with older hardware and software.

    Windows 7 Beta: Should I Upgrade?

    So given all of that, is it worth the upgrade to Windows 7 beta? It’s still early to have any solid impressions or definitive answers, but we’ve culled a few worthwhile opinions on both sides from around the Web. Check out these views and decide for yourself.

    Dynaquest DQ12 subwoofer

    Dynaquest DQ12 subwoofer

    I thought about sharing a variety of valuable things here in my blog. I remember buying an old cheap Pioneer AVR (Audio Video Receiver) late last year with some minor volume dial glitch, but no big deal since I can always conveniently use the remote to adjust the volume. It was already dirt cheap but the seller still added two pairs of Wharfedales (front and rear), Kenwood center and a grounded (humming) 12 inch Dynaquest DQ12 subwoofer as freebies (or should it be the other way around, the AVR being the freeby instead). I thought about sending the sub for repair but I first did some googling about humming grounded subs which are common among subs conflicting cable connections with AVR and power outlets. I came across a Polk Audio subwoofer manual mentioning the preferred AVR to sub hookup using the speaker level input/output (see figure below) instead of the usual sub line level input. And voila, humming went off and my sub suddenly knows how to sing with lyrics instead of just humming the tune.

    Subwoofer and AVR speaker level input output connection

    Subwoofer and AVR speaker level input output connection



    Welcome myself to WordPress.com. This is my first post. And if you’ve come accross this post, I personally welcome you to Wealthy Soul blog site. Hopefully, I will be able to share with everyone a variety of wealth building lessons and goodies not just for your finances but for the everyone’s entire being as well. Prosperity inside and out.